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Building the generative art ecosphere where ai artists can create, mint, sell and build their community within one.

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    Use your own prompts or benefit from our library of pre-existing prompts to build your unique generative art.


    Mint your artwork at a click of button. Tokenise your generative art ready to be listed on your chosen marketplace.


    List directly on to your chosen marketplace ready to monetise and build your loyal fan base.


    Retain all of your artwork safely and securely within aidot3 within the blockchain.


    Build your own online gallery to showcase your generative art. Choose from a template or custom build.


    Understand the popularity of your artwork to know what to do more of it and how to do it.

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    We are a next-generation marketplace built for the growing wave of forward-thinking creators, innovators, and traders.

    Connect your wallet

    Connect securely via social logins or by using a crypto wallet.

    Create your Art

    Create your digital assets with our AI art generator.

    Upload and tokenise your Collections

    Upload large collections into the blockchain in one go, saving valuable time and enabling you to be more creative.

    aidot3 generative AI


    AI Art Generation: Harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence, this innovative process utilizes machine learning algorithms to create captivating and original artworks, pushing the boundaries of creativity and human-machine collaboration.

    Monetize Creations: Transform your creative passion into a sustainable revenue stream.


    We are the first platform to enable a truly worldwide community hub to collaborate, teach and learn and enable monetisation all in one space. Crossing Physical to Digital and  Web 2 to Web3.

    1 M

    Midjourney has more than 15 million users which are growing at the rate of almost 100,000 a day.

    1 M

    Opensea receives 121 million website visitors every month.

    aidot3 revolutionary platform
    Anime AI Art Generators: Bring Your Anime Dreams to Life

    Those who are interested in anime, you have come to the right place at Aidot3. We have designed to make art that looks just like your favorite anime shows and movies. You can create your own characters, scenes, or even whole manga pages.

    AI Dot understand the unique style of anime, with its big eyes, colorful hair, and dramatic expressions. Now, you don’t need to be a professional artist to make your own anime-inspired artwork and Aidot3 help in such designs.

    DnD AI Art Generators: Your Dungeon Master’s Dream

    If you’re into Dungeons & Dragons (DnD), you know how important character art and landscapes can be for the game. DnD AI art generators make this process much easier. You can describe your characters or the magical worlds you’re exploring, and they’ll bring them to life.

    These AI tools are like having a virtual artist. You can focus on storytelling and adventure planning while they handle the artwork. It’s a win-win for Dungeon Masters and players alike!

    The AIDOT3 Journey



    Launches with inital AI Art generator, bulk uploader using ERC 1155 smart contracts.


    Getting Investments

    Once funded, build out the marketplace and colloborative AI tools


    Continue User Aquisition

    Build out the community tools, enabling workshops, streaming, collaboration and develop requested tools


    Develop the Ecosphere

    Listen and build the tools the community calls for.

    Frequently asked questions

    Q. What is generative AI for images and how does it work?

    Generative AI for images refers to a class of artificial intelligence techniques that involve generating new images, often using machine learning models. These models are designed to create images that resemble those from a particular dataset or category, or even generate entirely new and creative images.

    Q. Why does AI art have value?

    Creativity and Novelty: AI-generated art often produces novel and creative pieces that may not have been conceived by human artists. This uniqueness can inspire new perspectives and push the boundaries of artistic expression.

    Efficiency and Productivity: AI can generate art quickly, which can be especially valuable for industries like advertising, game development, and content creation where producing large volumes of visuals is important.

    Accessible Art: AI-generated art can make art accessible to a wider audience, breaking down barriers related to cost and expertise. It can democratize art creation and appreciation.

    and a lot more...

    Q. How to make money with AI art?

    Making money with AI art involves leveraging your generative art creations to generate revenue. Here are some potential strategies to monetize your AI-generated art:
    Sell Prints and Digital Copies, Online Marketplaces, Auctions and NFTs, Commissioned Art and Art Galleries and Exhibitions.
    You name it!

    Q. Can AI-generated art be considered original?

    AI-generated art can be considered original in the sense that it produces new visuals that were not directly copied. However, the concept of authorship and creativity in AI art is a topic of debate and legal considerations.

    Q. Can AI generative art create traditional art styles?

    Yes, AI generative art can be trained on traditional art styles, allowing it to create artwork that resembles various historical and traditional artistic genres.

    Q. What is an NFT in the context of AI art?

    NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. In the context of AI art, NFTs are used to prove ownership and authenticity of a digital art piece, allowing artists to sell and trade digital creations as unique tokens.